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For more information about Marseille and your stay, we invite you to have a look at the website of the Marseille tourist office.

The website will assist you with booking your accommodation and leisure activities.

We strongly recommend you to book an accommodation well in advance.

Below is a suggested list of hotels:

- Grand Hôtel Beauvau, 4 Rue Beauvau, 13001 Marseille
- Hôtel La Résidence, 18 quai du Port, 13002 Marseille
- Hôtel Alizé Marseille Vieux Port, 35 Quai des Belges, 13001 Marseille
- Hôtel Carré Vieux-Port Marseille, 6 Rue Beauvau, 13001 Marseille
- Hôtel Escale Oceania Marseille Vieux Port, 5 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
- Hôtel Hermès Vieux-Port, 2 Rue Bonneterie, 13002 Marseille
- Hôtel Mercure Marseille Centre Vieux-Port, 1 rue Neuve Saint Martin, 13001 Marseille

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